At Gallery 28.02 we aim to deliver a completely unique product, something we are proud of, curated and created by us. 

Every photo has been taken by co-founder Sam Copland and every frame has been designed and assembled by the other half of the partnership Jack Sale.

That way we are able to ensure that the final product is something we are happy to put our names and the Gallery 28.02 brand on. 

You won't find these prints anywhere else!

Each print and frame is made to order, by us, with care and consideration.

The frames are all authentic timber, cut to size along with perspex and acid-free cardboard mat to protect each image and ensure a clear, classy finish for each print. 

For product sizes please consult our Sizing Guide.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use our Contact page.

For questions about shipping or if there are any issues with your frame please consult our Shipping & Returns page for further information.

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