About Us

When framer Jack Sale and photographer Sam Copland met back in 2006 they realised they had a combined vision and a love of their adopted home state of Victoria. After working on their respective crafts for years, they came together to create this store as a way to share this with others. 


Our wall art is designed and created to a level that we are proud to put both of our names on them. And since Sam captures all of the images himself, while all the frames are designed and assembled by Jack, we can assure that you’ll be happy to own one of our unique products. 


You’ll find a variety of art prints here, from urban beauty to the majesty of nature. Beachside sunsets and landmarks you may have walked by a thousand times and not noticed their iconic glory. We’re hoping to share everything we love about the world around us with you, while providing home décor that can improve any living space. 


And since we were both born on the 28th of February, we’ve called our project Gallery 28.02.